In my "Floyd " books, the models for the characters
of Floyd, Tiny, and Larue are based on my own corgis, past and present.
The corgis are cooperative but they do move around a lot,
so I often use photos to help me draw and capture expressions, poses, and actions.


Farley (2002-2017)

was the model for Floyd. He was a blue merle Cardigan Welsh corgi which means he had a tail and is bigger than a Pembroke Welsh corgi. He flew to Massachusetts from Pecan Valley in Arkansas. He had big blue eyes and loved to eat and play "ropey". Farley was a big clown and acted like a puppy even when he was full grown. I have so many pictures of Farley, because he loved to pose for the camera and was known to "photo bomb" whenever possible.

f flod


Mia (2000-2016)

was the model for Tiny. She was a tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi (no tail) originally from Rochester. She was extra tiny and loved to Karate chop with her paws! Mia also liked "being pretty". She was camera shy so I had to trick her into having her picture taken, but she was the perfect model for tiny because she was an extra-small corgi We miss her spunky personailty.

mi tinyval



is the one of the models for Larue. He is a red Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix. Monroe was from somewhere in Alabama and was rescued in Mississipi then came to us on a rescue dog bus. He is very sweet and has a great smile as well as a "serious face" (mostly used for letting me know it's "food time"), so I use him for drawing Larue's expressions whenever I can.

mon larue


More of my beloved corgi pets from the past...

Clover (1997-2010)

is the one of the original models for Larue. Clover was our first tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She was so pretty and loved frisbee. I am lucky to have lots of pictures of her that I can use for Larue's action poses.We miss her lots.



Winslow (1995-2002)

was also the one of the original models for Larue. He was the first corgi to live at the "Corgi House". He had the sweetest personality and loved to run around in a style we called "Tasmanian Devil". Winslow is greatly missed, but again I am lucky to have pictures of him to use for drawing Larue's coat colors.


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