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Art Class Grading Policy & Make-Up Work Policy

A student’s Art Class grade is based on class participation and art class assignments and projects.

All grade components are weighted equally.

Students: I will always grade you based on your own personal abilities and the artistic growth you make with time and effort. (Growth Mindset)
Keep a positive attitude, do your best, and I guarantee you will have success in my class!
On report cards/progress reports, you will receive letter grades, effort and conduct ratings, and teacher's comments.

Class Participation
Class Assignments & Projects

A class participation grade is entered at progress reports and report cards (2x per term). This
grade is based on teacher observation of the student throughout the term.

Each day of class, students can earn up to 10 points. (10 points = 100 A+)

• Student is prepared and on time for class.
• Student follows classroom and school rules, demonstrates PBIS qualities (respect,
character, responsibility).
• Student follows through on all tasks, spends ALL of the work time WORKING.
• Student contributes to discussions, clean up routines, and class activities.

Class assignments such as worksheets, warm-up drawings, etc. are graded using checkmark

In addition to effort and participation, art projects are graded using performance rubrics based on:
Skills: Student completes all steps and meets objectives, demonstrates understanding of
concepts and ability to execute art techniques.
Creativity: Student uses own ideas, expression, inventiveness, and problem-solving.
Craftsmanship: Student presents work carefully and neatly, demonstrates proper use and
care of materials and tools.

(See below for checkmark rating and rubric samples.)

Sample general art project rubric (click for larger image):



Art Checkmark Rating:



F.M.S. Report Card Conduct & Effort Ratings:



Make-Up Work Policy

Make-up work not completed within 2 weeks will lose one point per each day late.

Students are encouraged to stay after school on Ms. Daniels’ extra help day to finish any incomplete work as soon as possible.
Students do not have to wait until the project deadline to stay after for help, they may sign up to stay at any point if they are behind on work.
See After School Help in top menu for more info.

A required assignment or project that is incomplete by progress reports or report card
deadlines will receive a grade no higher than the percentage of work completed.

*Make-up work cannot be completed during the day in other classes (academic, speciality, or ELT) which all have scheduled activities and curricula.