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Grade 5 Theme: Explore the Elements of Art!


Knowing how to use the "Elements of Art" is like having a box of magic tricks. We'll find out how artists
use them to create awesome art effects. Grade 5 students will learn the cool techniques and materials
we can use to make our own art work look amazing, too!

This year, grade 5 students will have art class twice per 6-day cycle for the first half of the school year (semester 1).

MA Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks Standards for Grade 5-8.

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Artists in Grade 5 Units:

Kelsey Montague

Mark Tobey

Sandy Skoglund

Liz Hickock

Gustave Courbet

Wayne Thiebauld

El Greco

Georgia O'Keeffe

Meret Oppenheim

M.C. Escher

Albrecht Durer

Edward Hopper

George Bellows

Winslow Homer

Henri Rousseau

Charles Sheeler



Line & Shape:

Line Drawings

Video: Lines


Project Line

Video: Contour Line Drawing

Shape Poster

The ABCs of Art: Shape

Video: Shape by KQED Art


Video: Who Invented the Color Wheel?

Expert Village: Mixing Tertairy Colors

Expert Village: Complementary Colors

Expert Village: Neutral Colors

Expert Village: Color Temperatures

Video: Ballad of Red & Green

Video: Complements in Every Way

Video: The Colours Song

Video: Mixin' Colors

Video: Monochromatic

Video: Know Your Colors I

Video: Know Your Colors II

Video: Mixing Complements

Video: How Pigments Are Made

Video: Crayon Factory

Video: Colored Pencil Factory

Virtual Paint Mixer

Color Mixing Game

Color Matching Game

Color Blindess Test

Video: Color by KQED Art


3-D Hand Illusion VIDEO

Wayne Thiebauld Cake Creator

Form Poster

Video: Form by KQED Art

Pop Art: Claes Oldenburg's The Store



Space Poster

Video: Foreground, Middleground and Background

Video: Space by KQED Art



Texture Poster

Texture Tutorial

Video: Texture by KQED Art


Drawing Light and Shadows

Art Alphabet: Value

Value Scale

Video: Value by KQED Art


Art Vocabulary:

Artist's Toolkit Glossary

Visual Arts Glossary

Basic Art Vocabulary

PBS art21 Glossary

Principles of Design Posters

Video: Elements of Art

Video: Principles of Design




Gr. 5 Lesson Info

Art Class Videos

How to Draw...

Cool Art Supplies

Student Work

Virtual Field Trips