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Free Time in Art

Finished your art class work early and all cleaned up? Then you have "free time" in class.
This must be spent doing some type of ART ACTIVITY of YOUR CHOICE!!

See the list below for suggested activities.

If using the art room computers to go online (ask first!), you may visit ONLY the links/sites posted on this web page.
All free time computer activities should be art-related. Please ask permission before printing anything.


Always check with Ms. D. before putting away supplies and starting free time.


"Draw Your Brains Out" / Your Choice of Art Work: Free-hand, stenciled or traced drawings, any topic or theme, using any kind of art materials or paper you can find in the room. Create an art work for extra credit or just for yourself, for fun. Check the list of Drawing Ideas in the art room if you need some inspiration! If you have a sketchbook, feel free to bring it to use during free time as well.

Coloring Pages or Art Puzzles: Available on the paper table. Use any color supplies you see out in the art room.

Read your AR book

Computers: You may use software on our computers or go online. Remember to ASK before printing or downloading anything. If online, you are only allowed to visit links from this site. Lots of activities for you on the Free Time Online in the right hand menu or play Reward Games for 10 Cat Coins!

Art Games: Art Memory, Zentangle Cards, and alone or with a friend at tables.

Legos: Make a sculpture with glow in the dark legos!!

DIY Greeting Cards: Fold paper and design your own card for someone's birthday or special day.

Make-Up Work: Though I can't guarantee you'll have free time to complete missed work, sometimes it works out! Take the opportunity if you can!

• Art Room Helper: Sometimes I have tasks that I need help with around the art room. Ask me if you're interested in helping!


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