pWhy ART Matters!!p

Why study or participate in art?

For starters, it's fun! But art is around us every day
-- in fashion, the graphics in video games, what's on our walls, and even the packaging of the everyday things we buy--
so it makes sense that we should know something about it.

There are also some seriously important benefits for students of all ages:

pLearning about art helps us develop fine motor skills and to observe the world around us more closely.

pArt teaches us about people and places from all around the world. Seeing what we have in common with other humans, as well as what makes us special, builds empathy.

pExpressing ourselves through art can relieve stress and anxiety, and help us to communicate our feelings.

pAnd there's more! Check out these resources for more info about why Art Class is so important:

Video: "Why the Arts?"


10 Reasons Why Kids NEED Art & Music10 Reasons Why Kids NEED Art & Music

Remember, learning about art is for EVERYONE. Talent is only part of the equation, and artists never stop learning: we practice and try new things throughout our whole lives!
If you believe in Growth Mindset like I do, you know that anyone who truly wants to learn and improve at their art can do it!!


(Through the Arts by Lisa Phillips, The Artistic Edge