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Why EVERYONE Needs Art:

Sometimes students ask me why we need to learn about art,
especially if they don’t think they will become artists later in life.
Here are some good reasons why learning about art NOW is important,
no matter what people eventually do in life:

Thinking Skills:
Making and learning about art exercises the parts of your brain that help you to think creatively.
Seeing multiple possibilities, being inventive, and experimenting are part of art-making
and are important in many lines of work and study, whether you are an artist or not.

Motor Skills:
Creating art exercises your hand, eye and brain coordination and control.
This can help you to do technical work at many jobs (electronics, surgery),
improves handwriting, and can make you better at playing video games or musical instruments.

World Knowledge:
Art examples from all times and places teach us about other peoples, cultures and history.
Art gives you images to help you understand and visualize places and things you’ve never seen.

College and High School Prep:
Most schools require you to take studio art or art history courses in order to graduate.
Learning more art now makes it a piece of cake later.

Skills for Non-Art Careers:
Any type of business design work for presentation, advertising or web sites requires design skills.
Architecture, landscaping, and carpentry require the ability to draw plans.
Even doctors train using famous paintings to understand anatomy, facial expression and body language.
Many people find that art skills are used for different tasks at jobs you wouldn’t have thought of.

Many people do art as a hobby for their entire lives and it brings a lot of happiness to them.
Art can be something you do for yourself, any time you want to.
Visiting museums and far away places are great adventures, too,
and knowing a little about what you’re seeing by studying art makes that a lot more fun.