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Grade 7 Theme: Art Expressions


This year, we'll focus on using symbols and images in art to express ideas and feelings.
We'll also learn about how people from all over the world use art
to express their unique cultures, experiences, and beliefs.

This year, grade 7 students have art class twice per 6-day cycle for the full year!

MA Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks Standards for Grade 5-8.

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Symbolism in Art:

VIDEO: Idioms and their Meanings


The Idiom Site

Lion's Club International Peace Poster Contest

Flags of the World

Encyclopedia of Symbols

Signs and Symbols in Art

Museum of International Folk Art

Doodle 4 Google:

Doodle 4 Google Contest

ALL Google Doodles

Video: Art of Logo Design

Video: Doodle 4 Google: Imagine

Video: Doodle 4 Google- Create


Scratch Board Techniques:

Practicing Scratchboard Techniques

Stippling Demo

Hatching/Cross-Hatching Demo

Avatars, Selfies, & Emojis:



Lego Avatar Creator

Build Your Wild Self

South Park Studios Create your own Avatar

Create Avatar from your Photo

Mexican Art:

Mexican Art Info Presentation

VIDEO: Craft in America: Holidays

Mexican Folk Tales

National Museum of Mexican Art

Mexican Folk Art

The Art of Mexico

Mexico For Kids

Traditional Mexican Music

Frida Kahlo Fans

PBS: Frida Kahlo

Diego Rivera

Video: Frida Kahlo

Dia de los Muertos:

VIDEO: 3-D Animated Short: Dia de los Muertos

VIDEO: Day of the Dead by Muy Bueno

VIDEO: British Museum Celebrates Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Inside Mexico Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead.com

Oaxacalive.com's Dia De Los Muertos

Video: Craft in America- Holidays



Ancient Egypt: Project Research

Boston Museum of Science: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt (The British Museum)

National Geographic Kids: Egypt

Homework Help UK: Egypt

Mummification Facts

History for Kids: Egypt

Khan Academy: Egypt

Land of Pyramids: Symbols

Symbols Dictionary: Egypt

Ancient Pages: Egyptian Symbols

Egyptian Color Symbolism

Egyptian Myths: Symbols

Metropolitan Museum's Egyptian Collection

Neferchichi's Tomb

The Clickable Mummy

Birmingham Museum for Kids: Click on Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt: Powerpoint/Videos

Intro to Egyptian Art Powerpoint

Video: Goodbye Art Academy: Egyptian Art

Video: Mummification Process

Video: UPenn- Canopic Jars

Video: Full Sail U - Canopic Jars

Video: Canopic Jar Examples

Video: Tut's Mysterious Death

Video: Tut's Treasures

Video: Day in the Life of King Tut

Video: What Killed Tut?

Video: Smithsonian- How Tut Died

Ancient Greece:

Birmingham Museum for Kids: Click on Ancient Greece to Make your own Pottery Design

Adventures in Ancient Greece

British Museum on Ancient Greece

Greek Era Clothing

Ancient Greek Art

Ancient Greece for Kids

Video: Ancient Greek Pottery

Video: Making Greek Vases

Ancient Currency

Japanese Art:

Gyotaku by Naoki

Between the Folds (PBS)

Webmuseum on Japanese Art

Video: Gyotaku by Naoki

Video: Asia Down Under on Shodo

Video: Cool Japan: Calligraphy

Video: 4 Principles of Shodo

Video: Friend Ships

Video: John Majiro Trail, Fairhaven

Video: Japanese Tea Ceremony

Video: Japanese Calligraphy Performance

Native Australian Art:

Australian Animals

OZ Animals: Reptiles

OZ Animals: Mammals

Aboriginal Art Gallery

Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre

Aboriginal Art Online

One World Magazine on Aboriginal Art

Video: Dreamtime Art

Video: How Natural Pigments are Made

Origami/Asian Art:

Origami Club

Eric's Origami Page

Simple Origami

Easy Origami Videos

Paper Crane Tutorial Video

Video: Chinese Terra Cotta Army

Cave Art:

Lascaux Caves Virtual Tour

Video: Lascaux Tour

Virtual Cave Tours

Lascaux Preservation

Lascaux Exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum

Lascaux (The Bradshaw Foundation)

Lascaux Cave Paintings

The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-D’Arc

Tools and the Stone Age

Ice Age Links for Kids

Video: How Natural Pigments are Made


African Art:

African Adinkra Cloths

Museum of African Art

African Art for Kids







Gr. 7 Lesson Info

Art Class Videos

How to Draw People/Faces

Student Work

Virtual Field Trips

Museums- US/World

Local Museums

Multicultural Art


Art Vocabulary:

Artist's Toolkit Glossary

Visual Arts Glossary

Basic Art Vocabulary

PBS art21 Glossary



Art Museums and Curators:

Video: Museum Curator


History's Heroes

Sports Heroes


Ducksters Hero Biographies

How to Be a Hero- Kid President

For the Heroes- Kid President





All F.M.S. art curricula are based on the Massachusetts Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks Standards.

MA Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks Standards for Grade 5-8