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Grade 6 Theme: Art History Mysteries


image cred: http://hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com/2017/10/mona-lisa-parodies.html

Who, where and what made art happen?

We'll explore and create art projects based on eras throughout art history,
from prehistoric times through our modern age. Art makes learning about the history of our world come alive!!

This year, grade 6 students will have art class twice per 6-day cycle for the second half of the school year (semester 2).

MA Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks Standards for Grade 5-8.

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History of Art Time Line:

Ms. Wiltshire's Time Line Web Page

Metropolitan Museum of Art Time Line

TimeSearch Painting and Drawing Time Line


Middle Ages:

Intro to Middle Ages Presentation

VIDEO: A Visit to Notre Dame

VIDEO: Majestic Gargoyles

VIDEO: Gargoyles: An Interview with Professional Stone Carver Walter Arnold

Fleur de Lis Heraldry and Coats-of-Arms

Gothic Era Clothing

Le Tres Riches Heures (A Middle Ages Calendar)

Video: Medieval Europe: Design of Castle

Video: Art in the Middle Ages- Manuscripts




Leonardo da Vinci (Boston Museum of Science)

Renaissance Connection


Virtual Brunelleschi's Dome

VIDEO: Why is Mona so famous?

Video: Celebrity & Art: Mona Lisa

Video: Leonardo Biography

Video: Renaissance Art & Artists

Video: Burning Questions About Mona Lisa

Musical Instruments of the Renaissance

Renaissance Music (scroll down for mp3s)


Renaissance Web Quest

Renaissance Clothing and Costumes


Drawing Realistic People:

Draw Human Faces

Elfwood Human Figure Tutorial

People Drawing Tutorials


Impressionism & Post-Impressionism:

Webmuseum on Impressionism

Claude Monet

Video: Get to the Point-Georges Seurat and Pointillism

Video: Art History in a Hurry: Monet

Early American Art & Scrimshaw:

New Bedford Whaling Museum

New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park

Antique Scrimshaw

Smithsonian Museum "On the Water" Exhibit

Worcester Art Museum's Early American Art Collection

Old Sturbridge Village Explore & Learn Page

Plimoth Plantation

Colonial Williamsburg Kids' Zone

Albert Bierstadt: American Landscape Painter


Abstract Art:

Webmuseum on Vassily Kandinsky

Jackson Pollock Drip Painting


Modern Public Sculpture:

PBS' Art21: Maya Lin

Public Art & Sculpture Pinterest Board



Grade 6 Art Lessons

Drawing People & Faces

Student Art

Art Museums: US/World

Art Museums- New England

Virtual Field Trips


Art Vocabulary:

Artist's Toolkit Glossary

Visual Arts Glossary

Basic Art Vocabulary

PBS art21 Glossary

Principles of Design Posters