Floyd and the
Mysterious Night Time Noise

Written and illustrated by Kristine Daniels
Dog Ear Publishing, 2011
32 pgs. paperback • ages 4-8
ISBN# 978-1457501418

Floyd and the Mysterious Night Time Noise is about a dog named Floyd who can’t get to sleep. The problem is a strange noise that keeps waking him up in the night. Floyd must find out just where that Mysterious Noise is coming from.

With the help of his two canine companions, Tiny and Larue, Floyd bravely searches everywhere to find the noise. He is, as always, very determined, but is he successful? Floyd discovers that he is braver than he thought, and that sometimes the clues to a mystery are right under your nose...

The characters and illustrations in this second "Floyd" story are based on the imaginary adventures of the author’s own dogs, three very spoiled Welsh Corgis.


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